Amy Beachy
Coldwell Banker Realty

Complimentary Home Staging

Since starting as a full-time agent in January 2019, Amy has served her clients by offering complimentary staging. It began with her very first clients—Amy personally helped them give their downstairs bathroom a “face-lift.” She scraped off the wallpaper border herself and repainted the room. Her staging efforts paid off then, and they continue to pay off now.

Buyers constantly browse homes online and are consistently drawn to the visually pleasing listings that utilize high-quality photography. In the world of real estate, image matters. In the world of Amy Beachy, her clients matter. All of them. No matter your price-point, Amy wants to do all she can to sell your home quickly and for the highest asking price possible. So, whether your bathroom needs a fresh coat of paint or your entire home needs staged, Amy is here for you.

Her staging is complimentary. Her passion is you.

Call her today to learn more about her complimentary staging.